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Could anyone recommend a good, trusted, simple to mount and also utilize wireless router and modem combination for relatively simple DSL house usage. Edit: I'm not looking for any sort of whistles as well as bells, merely the fastest and also most reliable wireless (that preferably has a USB storage space hard disk option). The other concern I have is once I obtain the brand-new router and VPN maintain established and running do I still require a anti infection and also firewall software program or will I require not need them any longer due to the router and VPN solution. Most house broadband connections are faster compared to that however it should have the ability to handle a Netflix stream at HD as long as no one else is making use of the wireless.

So, if you have an older, extra router laying around, or want to start to check if DD-WRT firmware aids your range issues on a newer router, check if it's sustained on the DD-WRT site Likewise keep in mind that it's hard to eliminate DD-WRT from some routers without doing a great deal study. On the second router, you will want to offer it the very same dealing with info as the key router. When trying to find a wireless router, speed is most definitely the primary point to think about.

I assume you have to establish whether your modem may be the perpetrator instead of your router. Aside from connecting straight to the modem, exists differently to tell if the router is having issues. I had not been recommending going straight to the modem; i was recommending hooking up a computer system to the router using Ethernet cable television rather than wireless. I wasn't recommending going directly to the modem; i was suggesting hooking up a computer system to the router by means of Ethernet wire as opposed to wireless. I have 2 laptops (wireless g) as well as my main computer system (wired utilizing Windows 7 64bit).

A wireless router has to be in an open, central location to make sure that it comes to everyone, so it is something individuals will certainly see on a day-to-day basis. A number of times i have had to delete the cordless setup settings as well as re-enter them (generally placing it the WEP trick), however that just solutions it for some time. Firstly, i wish to know if it is actually the router that is the trouble (as it had not been the very first time when i upgraded my laptop computer's cordless vehicle driver). Secondly, i want to know that the very same issues Http:// typically aren't going to happen with the new router.
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